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2008-10-24 12:36:23 by danishx83

Hey, I had this idea some time back during my JavaScript learning. Made it in javascript but did not had any on my web page to up load it. Now I wrote it in Action Script ScrapCoding, seems working ok. Hope to see people using it. Thanks


Getting Hands wet

2008-10-19 10:20:40 by danishx83

Its been long since I have interest in programing, specially games. I surfed some languages and then realize that language is not the right choice to start with so I shifted to scripts for a start and guess where did I start, Flash of course , Easy, productive, material online and above all, A big number of viewers to review and help, THANKS TO NEWGROUNDS. but then I went away for some time due my commitments and to be honest, it was after my first two submissions got rejected. But now I am back with more ideas. So for a new start I have Dgame, and Dgame2 (improved the first). Lets see whats comes next.